Groundhog Day


Groundhog Day, Groundhog Day

How I’ve waited for you

Has it only been one year?

It seems more like two!

Shopping is done

Food to prepare

At the end of this day

The cupboard is bare.

The tree is set up

In a window display

 all passersby to admire

And remember this day.


The glass groundhog we bought

Sits proudly atop

A tree filled with decorations

Yes, photo-op!


A day filled with crafts

Groundhog puppets to make

Brown bags, lots of felt

And still cupcakes to bake!


The children awake

Up way before dawn

To sit by the TV

Holding back many a yawn.

The sun just is rising

The crowd holds their breath

Do you see him?  I don’t

Has he not woke up yet?

There he is, there he is!

I see him, I see him!

He looks kind of stunned

And dare I say, grim?

Flashes go off-filming begins

The crowd watches Phil

That poor sleepy groundhog

He sure knows the drill.

He’s going back in

His shadow he sees

More snow days, more sledding

The kids shout with glee!

We have practiced and practiced

All night and all day

To perfect our performance

For our Groundhog Day play.

Sets reconstructed

Costumes painstakingly made

Our thrill at performing this

Never to fade.


The guests now have left

Another great play

As the night draws near

We wind down from the day.

We sip our hot chocolate

By the lights of the tree

Thinking of past years

And celebrations we’ve seen.

Phil saw his shadow

And went back to sleep

As for us, six more weeks of winter

I think I might weep.