‘Twas the Morning After Powerball

Twas the morning after powerball and all through the land,

Not a creature was stirring, crushed tickets in hand;

The exotic trip pamphlets lay strewn on the floor,

The hopes of that trip dashed ever more;

My ‘I QUIT’ letter I saved in e-mail

Never to be sent, my numbers did fail;

Oh 16!  Oh 24!  Oh 33 and 47!

Oh 49 and what’s that?  11?

How could I have erred, my vision I blame,

Tis the morning after powerball, when’s the next game?


The Night Before Powerball

Twas the night before powerball, and all through the land

Not a creature was sleeping, tickets clutched in their hand:

Money collected from co-workers with care,

In hopes that come morning a fortune would be there;

The numbers were chosen with much care and debate;

With visions of Ferraris and homes at the Cape;

We sat by the TV, our breath we did hold;

While forecasts of winter abundant were told;

As the hour drew near, we all gathered around;

It’s time for the drawing, you hear not a sound;

Now 16!  Now 24!  Now 33 and 47!

On 49 and oh now my heaven!

Those winning numbers I now hold in my grasp;

As of this minute, my worries are past.