Mermaid Dreams

This poem has an ending that will make you laugh out loud!

Source: Mermaid Dreams


Ode to a Sweater


My Comfy Sweater

You are always there for me comfy sweater

Waiting in my closet for the call

You wrap me in your warmth and cradle me

When I feel blue

You dry my tears with your sleeves

You never judge, you never reprimand

You are just there

When I feel lonely

You wrap yourself around me like a gentle hug

You have been through a lot with me comfy sweater

You have seen despair, anger, anguish

You have held me tightly through all the sad times

You may be worse for the wear

But when I feel lonely and sad

You, my comfy sweater, are always there.

The Blue Bicycle


The Blue Bicycle

I wait patiently

Leaning against the wall

For you to need me

To take you to school, maybe the store

anywhere you want to go

I am here, just waiting

Let’s go

It’s a beautiful day

Fluffy white clouds and a sky so blue

It makes you feel like anything is possible

Photo by:  Angel on My Shoulder Photography, Kim Caldwell

First Place Amateur Division, Riverfest 2015

Taken at Carolina Beach Pier, Wilmington, NC