Where did all the unicorns go?

An oldie to celebrate #starbucks #unicorn frappucino!

Where did they go?  Are they like the dinosaurs and just became extinct over time?  Well, I am about to answer that age old question for you.

This is the story of Eunice the Unicorn.  It is a sad tale, and you might shed a tear or two for poor Eunice, so have you handkerchief ready.

Eunice was a sweet unicorn but a little shy.  Her friends were always trying to get her to go out more.  They finally decided to set Eunice up on a date.  Oh no!  It wasn’t like she had never been on a date before.  She knew how awkward those dates could be.  Eunice’s best friend had set her up before as a fourth to their third wheel, it was only with the best intentions of course.

How bad could it be, you ask?  Oh, it could be bad.  Let’s start out with her date’s name, Varmit.  Varmit!  What kind of name was that for a unicorn?  Then the got separated from the other couple.  Wait.  This was supposed to be a double date, what happened?  Varmit was not the Romeo she hoped for, and luckily that evening ended early, very early.

It took a lot of convincing for her to agree to repeat that embarrassing fiasco.  But they finally wore her down and she agreed to give it one more try.

Eunice was to meet him at this new place called The Ark.  It was ‘the’ place to be seen and that was the main reason she agreed to be set up again.  You see, she heard that only couples were allowed into The Ark.  No singles were allowed entrance.  So, desperate times called for desperate measures.

The night of the big date arrived and Eunice’s stomach filled with butterflies.  She took extra care to brush her mane out until it shone.  Her hooves were painted a demure pink, and her horn was polished to a fine sheen.  She arrived at The Ark and stood patiently by the entrance ramp watching all the other couples go on board.

An awkward 30 minutes passed by as Eunice nodded to the horses, mules and other couples as they went by.  Smiling nervously, she kept peering around to see if she could spot her date over the large crowd.

Noah, the owner of The Ark, came out and shouted All Aboard.  “All aboard?  Wait, my date isn’t here yet!  Oh no, what do I do now?” Eunice thought in a panic.

As Noah slowly pulled up the ramp, a fine rain began to fall.  Eunice the Unicorn stood there as the rain grew heavier.  Her mascara ran down her face and her mane hung limply. Boy, this was the definitely the last time she would agree to go on a blind date!