This Great Eclipse



This Great Eclipse

 This August, Twenty Seventeen

Clarksville Tennessee will be the scene

A northern central Tennessee township

This viewing place of this great eclipse.

Many will leave their home

Far away will they roam

They will journey in cars, planes and ships

All to view this great eclipse.

All will be welcomed with a smile

In our true downhome Southern style

You’ll make lots of fast friendships

As you travel to see this great eclipse.

If you didn’t plan ahead

No place will you find to lay your head

You may suffer sure hardship

As all rooms are rented for this great eclipse.

Grab a space, pitch a tent

Even a couch you may rent

Online you will find many tips

To get a view this great eclipse.

Please get your groceries early

Lines may be long; people surly

If they’re too late to buy dip and chips

To munch on at this great eclipse.

Don’t forget to bring you a drink

It’s hot here, it’ll be gone in a blink

Many toasts will pass our lips

As we sit and watch this great eclipse.

Our traffic will be awful and since you live here

You can stay put and watch, never fear

Just stay home and view the clips

 Internet postings of this great eclipse.

Either way you choose to view

Alone, in a crowd or with your crew

For this is something not to miss

The epic view of this great eclipse.

Some will shout of many strange things

Sure the end of time this brings

Predictions of aliens and motherships

Will be foretold before this great eclipse.

Many, many years will surely go by

And most, if not all, in the ground we’ll lie

Our lives will be a mere postscript

Before a repeat of this great eclipse.


By Kimberly Caldwell


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