A Walk at the Cave

Late afternoon sunlight dances across your face as you step down the winding trail

The rich, earthy smell of mud drying in the shallow pools of the lake compete with the scent of blooming wildflowers

You hear the faint hum of insects and occasionally catch a fleeting glimpse as they fly by

Turtles lined up so tightly on a fallen log that you are unsure of where one ends and one begins

As the sun warms them, they drop off into the lake with a soft plop to cool off, the next one taking his place in a seamless ritual

Runners as they pass, their shallow breathing and slap of their feet beating out a steady rhythm

A small, green snake lies stretched out on the path, confident in its supremacy, showing no notice of your startled gasp

Ducks take flight with a loud squawk, followed by a soft swoosh as they stretch their legs to meet the water once again

Determined plants finding the one place on a rock wall on which to grow and thrive

Small rivulets of water work their way down that rock face, wearing creases over time

A welcome coolness brushes against your skin as you approach the cave entrance, drawing you even closer

Deeper along the path, sunlight sparkles thru the trees and the lake appears to have diamonds scattered along its surface

A heron moves with the grace of a ballet dancer, feathers of azures and teals blend together as he bends

Dragonflies with iridescent wings perch delicately, oblivious to the swaying of the leaves

Baby ducks swim behind their mama, like a small army of soldiers following their leader

Swallows’ nests tucked up high in the rafters, their flights a delicate balance as they feed their young

The white clapboard visitor center gives you a glimpse into the cave’s varied history, snapshots of time long gone

A calmness soothes your spirit as you are able to appreciate the simple beauty of God’s design and marvel at its intricacies

Kimberly Caldwell



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