None of the candidates won?

This was our writer’s prompt for tonight, it was such fun I just wanted to share!

None of the presidential candidates won the election.  

Everyone sat in stunned silence as the final count was read.  Hillary stood up, grabbed Bill’s arm and stomped out of the room.  Donald flipped his comb over out of his eyes, screamed ‘you are all fired’ and huffed out.

The only one left on the podium was Elmer Fudd.  As the flashes went off, he slowly rose to his feet.

He stood at the podium, waved his hand at the audience and said “Th-th-that’s all folks” and left the stage.



Mr.Bark Lee & Dog Wood’s Easter Answer

This is one of my Christian Children’s Books featuring Mr. Bark Lee, a wise old oak tree.

Pugs Day at the Vet or Mom Needs Wine

Let’s just say that the Pugs like to stay home, chill on the couch, enjoy a few snacks during the day, eat a hearty supper about 4:30, then go to bed.  What they do not like to do is go to the vet.  Or go riding in the car.  Or go for a walk.  Well they don’t like much of anything that requires any effort on their part.

But it is that time of year again when they had to get their rabies shots.  And being the responsible single parent that I am, I snuck around and got their leash out of the drawer.  Then I found them asleep on the bed, closed the door and snapped their joint leash on.  That is where the fun began.  As soon as I paused to get my purse, they both began to frantically wind around and around and around my ankles.


Do not be fooled by those sweet, innocent little faces.  That leash is really long and by looking at what is left of it, you can guess how many times it is wrapped around my ankles.  Okay, sit purse down, unwind Duke.  Then as soon as I start to unwind Daisy, Duke starts back around the other way.  Ten minutes later, we are finally in the car.  I am exhausted.


They are the only dogs I have ever had that hated to ride in the car.  You cannot make them get up in the seat.  This is Daisy, Duke is hiding behind her with his head under the seat.  As you can tell by her tongue hanging out, the minute they got in the car they began panting like they had just run a 5k.  It is only 10 mins to the vets, but with every minute, they got louder and louder.  My singing did not help, but then it never helped calm the kids down either, come to think of it!

Before we go in, I tell them the truth, yes, you are going to get a shot, but if you are good, I have a treat for when we get back in the car.  Not impressed at all.  As I wrangle and wrestle them up the steps, Duke goes under the handrail and Daisy goes around the other way, promptly starting a Maypole effect in full view of everyone.  Other pet owners pass by us laughing, glad we could provide some comic relief to your day, you’re most welcome.

Several minutes later, unwound, we make it in to the desk.  I am sweating, they are breathing, rasping, gasping even louder.  Their little pug eyes are bugging out and they don’t blink at all.  “Rabies shots, Duke and Daisy” is all I manage to get out before a big lab enters the office and the pugs go ballistic.  I promptly move over to the other side to await what is sure to be an ordeal with the shots.

Strangely enough, they are perfect little angels when the vet walks in.  Not a whimper, not a growl, not a bark, they are the most docile little pugs in the universe.  I however, am covered in pug fur and sweating like I had just run a 5k.

As we get to the desk, I spy a treat jar that says calms stress.  Hmmm, I ask do they work and if so, can I take two of them?  And possibly one for me also????  Sadly, they were just for display.


So after posing for a pic to let the kids know that we survived the ordeal, we get in the car and I give them the promised treat.  They both snub their noses at it, as if I was a stranger offering them candy.  But once home, they grabbed the snacks, ran around like crazy and just to show that there was no hard feelings:  I caught Duke in the closet starting to hike his legs on my clothes.

Being a responsible single pug mom is a thankless job for sure.



Dandelions.  You may dread that time of year when they show up and ‘ruin’ your nice manicured lawn.  But if you ever stopped, took a second and really looked, you just might see tiny images of beauty and intricate design.  Beauty can be right at your feet.

Take a second and really look at the people around you.  They too have their own unique intricate design.  You just have to take the time to look…

“People are like grass; their beauty is like a flower in the field.”  1 Peter 2:24