Customs House Museum


Customs House Museum, Clarksville, TN #Angelonmyshoulderphotography

The 1898 portion of the Museum was originally designed for use as a Federal Post Office and Custom House to handle the large volume of foreign mail created by the city’s international tobacco business. It is built on the site of a former boarding house.


Last Train to Clarksville


Last Train to Clarksville
Take the last train to Clarksville
And I’ll meet you at the station
You can be there by 4:30
‘Cause I’ve made your reservation
Don’t be slow
Oh no no no, oh no no no
‘Cause I’m leaving in the morning
And I must see you again
We’ll have one more night together
‘Til the morning brings my train
And I must go
Oh no no no, oh no no no
And I don’t know if I’m ever coming home