Groundhog Day


Groundhog Day, Groundhog Day

How I’ve waited for you

Has it only been one year?

It seems more like two!

Shopping is done

Food to prepare

At the end of this day

The cupboard is bare.

The tree is set up

In a window display

 all passersby to admire

And remember this day.


The glass groundhog we bought

Sits proudly atop

A tree filled with decorations

Yes, photo-op!


A day filled with crafts

Groundhog puppets to make

Brown bags, lots of felt

And still cupcakes to bake!


The children awake

Up way before dawn

To sit by the TV

Holding back many a yawn.

The sun just is rising

The crowd holds their breath

Do you see him?  I don’t

Has he not woke up yet?

There he is, there he is!

I see him, I see him!

He looks kind of stunned

And dare I say, grim?

Flashes go off-filming begins

The crowd watches Phil

That poor sleepy groundhog

He sure knows the drill.

He’s going back in

His shadow he sees

More snow days, more sledding

The kids shout with glee!

We have practiced and practiced

All night and all day

To perfect our performance

For our Groundhog Day play.

Sets reconstructed

Costumes painstakingly made

Our thrill at performing this

Never to fade.


The guests now have left

Another great play

As the night draws near

We wind down from the day.

We sip our hot chocolate

By the lights of the tree

Thinking of past years

And celebrations we’ve seen.

Phil saw his shadow

And went back to sleep

As for us, six more weeks of winter

I think I might weep.



hello, it’s mom

Hello, it’s mom
I was wondering if after all these days you’d like to see
How I’m doing, today
They say that time apart is good for most
But I ain’t done much but eating

Hello, can you hear me
I’ve been stuck inside this house for days oh what a treat
I’m snowbound, with the pugs
I’ve forgotten how it felt before the sky dropped at my feet

There’s such a distance between us
And now there’s lots of snow

Hello from the other side
I must have text a thousand times
To tell you I’m fine and surviving it all
But when I text you never seem to see it at all

Hello from the inside
At least I can say that I’ve tried
To tell you we’re fine, and surviving the storm
But it don’t matter it clearly doesn’t worry you none-anymore

Hello, its mom
It’s so typical of me to think about myself, I’m sorry
I hope that you’re well
Did you ever make it out to the store to get some bread and milk
It’s no secret that the both of us are running out of both.

So hello from the inside
I must have text a thousand times
To tell you I’m fine and surviving the storm
But when I text you seem to be away from the phone

Hello from the inside
At least I can say that I’m fine
And tell you I’m sorry for bothering you
But it don’t matter, it clearly doesn’t worry you much anymore

Oooh anymore oooh anymore
Oooh anymore

Hello from the inside,
I must have text a thousand times
To tell you I’m fine and surviving the storm
But when I text you’re never near to the phone

Hello from the inside
At least I can say that I’ve tried
To tell you I’m fine and surviving the storm
But it don’t matter, it clearly doesn’t worry you much anymore

snow pic

Forgive me, I’ll blame it on Cabin Fever!

‘Twas the Morning After Powerball

Twas the morning after powerball and all through the land,

Not a creature was stirring, crushed tickets in hand;

The exotic trip pamphlets lay strewn on the floor,

The hopes of that trip dashed ever more;

My ‘I QUIT’ letter I saved in e-mail

Never to be sent, my numbers did fail;

Oh 16!  Oh 24!  Oh 33 and 47!

Oh 49 and what’s that?  11?

How could I have erred, my vision I blame,

Tis the morning after powerball, when’s the next game?

The Night Before Powerball

Twas the night before powerball, and all through the land

Not a creature was sleeping, tickets clutched in their hand:

Money collected from co-workers with care,

In hopes that come morning a fortune would be there;

The numbers were chosen with much care and debate;

With visions of Ferraris and homes at the Cape;

We sat by the TV, our breath we did hold;

While forecasts of winter abundant were told;

As the hour drew near, we all gathered around;

It’s time for the drawing, you hear not a sound;

Now 16!  Now 24!  Now 33 and 47!

On 49 and oh now my heaven!

Those winning numbers I now hold in my grasp;

As of this minute, my worries are past.



Fleamageddon or Fleapocalypse ’16

What are these guys, mutant fleas?  Fleas with super powers?  These fleas refuse to die!  Or maybe they do die and are coming back as zombie fleas.  It is like night of the living dead fleas around here.

I have washed the pugs so many times in Dawn dishwashing liquid that they squeak when they walk and my fingertips look like old prunes.

I can’t sleep due to the constant scratch, thump, scratch, thump as the pugs use their short little legs to try to get at their tormentors.  It is pushing us all to our breaking point.

One of the worst parts is that with all the washing and cleaning I have missed out on hours of Netflix.  How will I ever get those hours back now?  Darn those fleas!

I have washed, bleached and vacuumed more times than I can count and yet they still return.  They are like a flea army that retreats but only goes out for more recruits and returns to fight again.

Did I mention that I am a recovering germ-a-phobe?  No, well I am and this is giving me a major setback.  I think I may need to find a Germ-a-phobic Anonymous meeting very soon.


Today I gave up and called in the big guns.  Yes, I called my vet.  With great embarrassment, I admitted that I apparently was a horrible, irresponsible pug owner.  What humiliation.  I cannot defeat a mere flea?  Oh my pride.

But apparently I am not the only person with this Fleapocalypse in town, for they knew just what to do.  And while I left with $$$ on my credit card, I was, however, armed to the teeth with weapons to fight the encroaching flea army.  They even wrote down step by step instructions along with lots of encouragement to get me through this battle.

I rush home and cover the pug pills with peanut butter and give them Step 1.  A super, duper flea zapper.  For 24 hours it will kill any flea residing on them.  So outside they go for four hours to de-flea.  I start the first of MANY loads of laundry.  Then on to Step 2-spray the house.  Of course, I didn’t try to open the windows until I had already sprayed.  I found I was too weak from afore mentioned spray that I was too weak to pry the windows open.  So I fled in haste to the nearest coffee shop to wait it out.

Four hours later, with the charge on both my phone and Ipad dwindling, I head home to rescue the POPS or better know as the Pissed Off Pugs.  And yes they were definitely POPS.  I add another load to the washer and let in the POPS.  They are still scratching, but patience, patience.

Tomorrow morning, Step 3, the POPS get yet another bath.  Then its drying time again, for some reason these little pugs take forever to dry and they are terrified of a hair dryer.  So tomorrow evening they will get their new flea/tick collars, Step 4, that set me back a grocery trip, but its worth it.


Step 5, I vacuum the house and since it freaks me out a little, I am going to just toss out old vacuum and all.  Why chance it?

Step 6, Sunday morning, I once again vacuum with new vacuum cleaner that I have since had to buy.  Clean the house from top to bottom AGAIN.  Put more loads in the washer AGAIN.

By Sunday evening, I will either:

A.  Be victorious in my fight against the Zombie Fleapocalypse

B.  Have the cleanest house this side of the Cumberland River

C.  Be passed out from exhaustion

D.   All of the above.

I am hoping for A and B, and know for sure I will be C.

So Fleas, I have come prepared to fight.  The battle lines have been drawn.  Give up now, before any more of your comrades sacrifice their lives in this futile battle.  I will not give up, I am taking back my house!




Ode to a Sweater


My Comfy Sweater

You are always there for me comfy sweater

Waiting in my closet for the call

You wrap me in your warmth and cradle me

When I feel blue

You dry my tears with your sleeves

You never judge, you never reprimand

You are just there

When I feel lonely

You wrap yourself around me like a gentle hug

You have been through a lot with me comfy sweater

You have seen despair, anger, anguish

You have held me tightly through all the sad times

You may be worse for the wear

But when I feel lonely and sad

You, my comfy sweater, are always there.

Random Acts of Kindness


I read this on facebook the other day and it struck me by it’s truth and simplicity.  I think so much of hopelessness is compounded by loneliness.

It made me think of how I felt a couple of years ago when things were leading up to and going through my divorce.  I don’t think I had ever felt so alone and abandoned.

There were so many days when driving to work seemed a huge and impossible task.  I would have to keep pushing myself just to get in the car.

I work in an area of town where a daytime shelter for homeless people is located.  So I would often see a person walking down the road waiting for the shelter to open.  But I began to notice that one man was always walking the opposite direction, away from the shelter.

It was days before I could look beyond my sorrow and really take notice of the man.  I would see how when a car approached on the road, he always turned his face away and down.  It was as if he couldn’t or didn’t want to make any sort of contact.

The odd thing was, that once I began to look, this man, while turning from other cars, would always look up as I drove by.  We would actually make eye contact.  That first time, I was so surprised I didn’t smile or speak.  I kept driving, tears still streaming from my eyes.

The next time I saw him walking along the road, turning his head away from oncoming cars, I thought I must have imagined that previous glance.

As I approached him, he looked up at me, our eyes met and this time I raised my hand and spoke.  He returned the gesture and we both moved on.

I began to watch everyday for the little man.  The odd thing was that he was only along that road on the days I was in such despair over the hopelessness of my situation.  Every time, he would look up, speak and smile.  It became that I knew with certainty that if I was in stress, he would be there.  I never stopped and he never waved me down.

One day, as the tears ran down my face like the rain on my windshield, I saw him walking along.  I stopped, grabbed my umbrella and hopped out of my car.  I gave him the umbrella and five dollars asking him if he would allow me to buy him a cup of coffee for the day.  He smiled, thanked me and walked on.

We continued to wave and smile as we would pass on most mornings.  I have no doubt that God sent that little man to me everyday that I needed to know someone out there saw me.  Those small, to some what would seem insignificant, interactions where all that kept me going forward many days.

I began to tell myself that if I saw him today, I could make it through.  It would prove to me that someone cared, someone took the time to smile.  The days he would not be in his usual spot along the drive, I would feel despondent.  But I needn’t have doubted, by the time I parked my car, I would look down at the road and there he would be.  Without me saying a word, he would look up, smile and wave.

I don’t see him as often now.  I may see him standing outside of Krogers and I stop and speak, sometimes asking if I can by him dinner and giving him some money.  It is such a small thing for what he did for me.  I have thanked him, telling him that his kindness made such a difference in my life and was often the only thing that got me through the day.  He just smiled.

I used to wonder where he had gone, what street he walked down now.  But then I realized that he had completed what he was meant to do for me.  I hope, no I believe, that he has moved on to another life he was meant to intervene in.  One that needed to see and know that someone cared.

So the next time you are driving down the road or walking through the store, take time to make eye contact with others.  Smile, nod.  You don’t know that that small, random act of kindness just may be what keeps them going for that day.  A small thing for you-can be huge for someone else.

For me, I thank God for that little man.  I consider him a gift that God sent to keep me going.  An angel that God sent to let me know that someone does care, that He cares.

“Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”  Hebrews 13:2

p.s.  I did find out that he was not homeless as I thought.  He actually lives with his sister, so that eased my mind.